YEMEN BLUES IS BACK TO NAZARETH BIG TIME! 10 PIECE BAND! VIDEO ART! NEW ALBUM SALE! The full production of INSANIYA ! tickets now avail! Call now : Qahera Einain 0549455001 YEMEN BLUES - INSANIYA Yemen Blues just recorded their new album with the legendary producer Bill Laswell. The phenomenal visionary collaboration between Laswell and Yemen Blues will soon make big waves in the music world. This album is focusing on hard groove, rich vocals, clarity and heavy sound, featuring one of the greatest voices of the Sahara Mariem Hassan, as well as the Yemenite star Tziyon Golan and One of the historical rappers in France Oxmo Puccino. Named the #1 World Music ensemble by Montreal's Le Devoir and the best album for 2011 by CVS Sweden, Yemen Blues, led by “ridiculously charismatic front man Ravid Kahalani” burst onto the world and contemporary music scenes in 2010 creating a world wide buzz that has only gotten louder and more intense since then. One of the most unique percussion set ups of Rony Iwryn and Itamar Doari and extreme, highly polished rhythm section with Shanir Blumenkranz are the pulsating, danceable underpinning of this unique musical collaboration. Yemen Blues has created a sound that swirls with the Yemenite tradition of Muslims, Christians of Jews, with contemporary overlays of rock & roll, jazz & blues. The new show “INSANIYA” (Humanity) based on Laswell’s sound from the upcoming album. The show includes a collaboration with the super talented Ori Ben-Shabat from the group of artists “Maria Kong” who created an original video art on 5 screens for each of the songs. The artist uses video footage including live dance infused by original images inspired to the new sound of Yemen Blues.

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